3 poachers stopped dead in their tracks.

HOEDSPRUIT -  A strong message was sent out when three suspected poachers were apprehended on November 13 in Balule.

  The success of the operation, which played out over more than 15 hours and involved tracking the poachers over 43 km, was primarily due to great team work and good coordination between the Balule operations room, regional wardens, rangers, aerial support from two fixed wing aircraftw and a gyro helicopter, as well as the help from the SAAF Oryx helicopter, and the assistance of Hoedspruit Plaaswag. The success was all the greater because no rhino was killed.

Blyde Dam water levels are extremely low

HOEDSPRUIT – On 19 November 2018 the Blyde Dam level was reported by Jurie Van Vuuren of the Blyde Water Users’ Association to be on 48,5% with an inlet of 1.3 cumec and outlet of 4.2 cumec. These figures include the pipeline and sluice usages.

  On 19 November Jurie wrote: Today the water will be reduced to 0.4litre/second (normal consumer flow).

  ‘With no rainfall currently predicted there is approximately 7 weeks of water still available before the commencement of serious pressure problems in the pipeline,’ he stated. ‘The Blyde Dam will then be at a 30% water level.’

  ‘Predictions for rain seem favourable for late November and the beginning of December. However we need to please conserve water in any possible way; if we work together as a community we should make it through this challenging time,’ Jurie ended

Photograph by: Tom van der Meulen