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Welcome to the exciting world of the Kruger2Canyon News.

We are a community newspaper based in Hoedspruit, South Africa, that has its bias towards wildlife and conservation. We aim to have local, original, and relevant content that is both thought provoking and educational. We also strive to maintain a high standard of journalism.

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Curry hot cover photo

Picky View

As winter is here, and the nights are wonderfully crispy, I thought that a good spot to try out would be Kalimambo in the Kamagelo Centre. A decent curry would go down well, washed with a robust glass of red or a fruity white – what better way to spend an evening with friends.

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Latest Posts
Full moon
Nature & Conservation

Once in a Blue Moon

For as long as mankind has been watching the sky, one object more than most has stood out in the glittering heavens. The Moon is the Earth’s only large, natural satellite.

Nature & Conservation

Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2023

Wildlife rangers operate on the very frontline of conservation across Africa, routinely making personal sacrifices to put their lives on the line to protect the continent’s wildlife and habitats.

Community News

Chris Tosi – a personal Kruger pilgrimage

Christopher Tosi’s #86daysinkruger is a journey of one man’s experience living in the wilderness of Kruger National Park, which started on 29 June 2022. Chris is still in the Kruger, ten months later, documenting every moment of every day on Instagram with stories showcasing the jewel of South Africa to the world, with the aim of raising R8.6 million for Smile Foundation South Africa.

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eggs benedict at the hogfather pub

The Picky View

Hello all of you wonderful people in ‘The Hoed’. I’m back, for how long I cannot say, but I’m excited that summer is on its way, and we are now back to checking out the culinary offerings in Hoedies.

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Nature & Conservation
Nature & Conservation

New tax incentive might be just what’s needed to save SA’s threatened species

The writing’s on the wall: If we don’t find innovative ways to channel finance into conservation, we will not be able to reverse the decline of our endangered species or meet our ambitious (but vital) international conservation commitments. And SA’s first tax incentive for threatened species such as rhino, lion and endangered plants might just be the solution.

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Kruger to Canyon weather

Live Weather

Hoedspruit, ZA
7:35 am, November 30, 2023
broken clouds
Sunrise: 4:59 am
Sunset: 6:30 pm
Tzaneen, ZA
7:35 am, November 30, 2023
overcast clouds
Sunrise: 5:03 am
Sunset: 6:32 pm
Phalaborwa, ZA
7:35 am, November 30, 2023
overcast clouds
Sunrise: 5:09 am
Sunset: 6:08 pm
Graskop, ZA
7:35 am, November 30, 2023
broken clouds
Sunrise: 4:58 am
Sunset: 6:31 pm