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Let’s get those bush brains working!

Spring has sprung and we are going to be focusing on all the wonderful things that come with the warmer months.

If you love the wilderness, and are passionate about conservation, then we have the perfect thing for you. FGASA Junior in partnership with Kids In The Wild bring you the new and improved Pangolin Series that will be launching in 2022. The Pangolin Series will include an

interactive platform for kids to reconnect with nature and the incredible wilderness that surrounds us on a daily basis. We will be offering online live lectures as well as on-demand courses that will encompass 12 different modules and will also include games, quizzes, homework and so much more.

What do Woodland Kingfishers eat?


I can spot


As the season changes and summer draws closer you will notice a lot more birds that start arriving back. Birds like the Cuckoo’s and Woodland Kingfishers.Make sure you start looking out for these birds. Another migrant bird is…




Another name for a Red chested cuckoo is a?

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