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Mila Mia Job making a difference on her own!

Mila Mai Job has a passion to help make a difference, and educate others.

  She lives in the Makalali Private Game Reserve. She was born and bred in the bush. She has become accustomed to, and been in contact with wildlife and conservation from the get-go. She has the same love for wildlife and our environment as her Dad.

  Mila is now 6 years old, and because of school, stays in town during the week. Driving the short distance to school and back each day, Mila, at the tender age of 6, expressed shock at the amount of litter and rubbish on our surrounding streets and in fact our town.

  On her own initiative and with her lively passion, she asked if she could walk with her Mother, from their apartment to pick up the litter on the roads. Of course, her Mother encouraged this. It is amazing that a child of 6 already understands the impact of the rubbish and garbage on our local environment, and across the globe.

Mila proudly showing off her litter collected

This has now become a regular ritual after-school activity. One day whilst collecting rubbish with her Father and Mother, she asked why no one else was collecting rubbish, and suggested that maybe her parents should ask her friends to join them. The purpose and inspiration that Mila shows could help inspire others of all ages, to firstly refrain from dropping litter, and to take a little time to better our environment for the benefit of all.

  Mila has suggested that once a week, at the same time every week, we all walk from our homes and collect the litter we see. She wonders how many bags we could all fill here in Hoedspruit.

  It is amazing how much is thrown onto our streets on a daily basis – as shown in the pictures – and we all appreciate Mila’s efforts.

  Well done to Mila and keep up the good job!

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