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The determination of a true artist

During the December holiday period I had the privilege of spending some time with this amazingly talented yet humble young man at the Kamogelo Centre in Hoedspruit. Vanrooy Sondlane is not only very interesting to talk to, but he is interested in learning all the time. He has deep seated reasons for every piece of work he creates, and he has the determination needed to become a recognised artist with a distinct brand.

Khanda Phanda is an Africanism meaning ‘to hussle’, and interestingly the brand is primarily designed for the market that is closest to Vanrooy’s home – that being Acornhoek.

The Khanda Phanda logo, a man’s head wearing a cap, is central to the brand: it symbolises the beginning of all ideas, the mind. As an artist, Vanrooy believes all things begin in your mind and develop from there. His designs speak of rich African colours, struggles with poverty and dreams of escaping it, environmental challenges and visions of a successful life.

Most of Vanrooy’s sales are done via WhatsApp or Facebook, and orders can be placed in an informal manner on messenger. The buyer’s satisfaction is paramount: once the shirt is ready, a sale will only happen if the client is one hundred percent happy with the final product.

Buy yourself a shirt or a gift that is #local and #lekker, #Hoedspruit, #Mzanzi, #Handmade and support a young man who is determined to become a well-recognised South African artist.

Contact Vanrooy on 079 712 2452, or you can find him at the Farmers’ Market from time to time.