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HALO Christmas Drive

Christmas came in Africa Time to community members attending the Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach (HALO) in The Willows last Saturday.

In their annual Christmas Drive, HALO had received almost 600kg of dog food, as well as some dog bowls, treats and toys for the average of 145 dogs they regularly see on their Willows outreach.

“We are, as always, grateful to the people of Hoedspruit, and to our international supporters for their generosity towards these awesome community dogs,” said Brass Brassett.  “We are also grateful to Pick n Pay, who yet again allowed us to adorn their Christmas tree with tags of these dogs for the public to Pick n Pamper!”

As well as receiving a new collar and extra dog food, the record-breaking 173 dogs attending this Christmas outreach received an extra gift in the Doggy Lucky Dip!

This was HALO’s 4th Annual Christmas Drive, and the most ambitious to date, as for the first time they appealed for gifts also for the dog owners who had some fun and excitement as they picked a prize for themselves in a Lucky Dip! “Thanks to the kindness of a few individuals and local businesses, we were able to surprise people bringing the dogs with a Christmas present, ranging from a football, clothing and sweets, to a frisbee or juice-filled water bottle.  Over the years of conducting outreach work in The Willows we have got to know the individuals who bring the dogs to us and we just wanted them to know that we acknowledge the care and responsibility they have for their dogs.”