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Debby launches her first book

On 27 September 2007, Mike Thomson was brutally murdered in his garden as a result of a botched home robbery. This incident changed the lives of many overnight.

Mike was murdered during a typical South African house break-in scenario.  As a result, his sister Debby turned a lot of her attention towards anti-crime activities.  She initiated the development of the Hoedspruit Victim Support Unit and continues to manage and coordinate it on a voluntary basis, working together with the local police and community volunteer group to assist with emergency and trauma related incidents in the Hoedspruit region.

Debby’s first book, My Beloved Country made me Cry, is a true story based on her brother’s murder and the unbelievable journey the family has gone through for almost ten years in trying to ensure justice for his murder. This journey takes them on a compelling and shocking exposé of the failures and glaring inefficiencies of the system, and the blundering and ineptitude found within the legal system in South Africa.   However, on their journey they also met a multitude of heroes in our country who constantly go ‘over and above’ in their effort to ‘fight the good fight’, to bring crime to an end and do all they can to help their fellow citizens.

In her book, Debby delves beneath the surface in an effort to understand crime in our country; why we have so much violent crime and where it all comes from. In addition, she gives some thoughts on what we can all do – at both citizen and government levels – to contribute towards mitigating and counteracting crime.

Although the subject is intense, there is also a clear message of hope within the story Debby tells. The facts and information exposed in the book should move our country one step closer to a more peaceful future. ‘With committed input from all, there is no reason why we could not put a stop to much of the crime in our country,’ says Debby.

‘If you are a previous victim of crime, or dream of a better future for us all, or if you simply are heartbroken by all that is occurring around us, there is something for all of you in this book,’

Debby will be launching this emotional literary work at the book launch and signing on 22 January 2020, in Hoedspruit at Sleepers Restaurant.