Rocking 4 rhinos

HOEDSPRUIT- On the 7th and 8th October 2016 Rocking for Rhinos fused conservation and entertainment to save our rhino from extinction. All precedes from tickets goes to rhino conservation and anti-poaching. This two day event fused entertainment and conservation together in one eye opening experience. The event was held on a large recreational park in Swadini A Forever Resort and included overnight camping as an option for festival-goers and numerous other stalls (food and drink included) situated on the grounds.

 By presenting South Africa’s critical problem in a way that is easy to relate to for all generations, the event organisers believe that this festival will contribute to slowing down and stopping our rhino murders. Ultimately, the crew members of Rocking for Rhinos want rhino poaching to stop. However, this is currently only a highly optimistic view. In the mean time, crew members want to help anti-poaching units like Protrack to protect our rhinos.

 The crew members of Rocking for Rhinos were only six and managed to pull up this event for the love of our wonderful species. Even though it was a small number of people for the team members Garreth Putter managed to bring up the team for the festival to happen. During the preparation of the event, donations and sponsorship where slow until Sam McClean known as the rhino warrior flew out off a moving chopper from the air to a river naked to raise funds for this event.


 More than 20 bands and Dj’s played on the festival including Derek Plaitjies from Cape Town who is one of the semi finalist singer in South Africa’s got talent. The performances and the Mountain View at Swadini A Forever Resort just made the whole festival the true definition of how important our rhinos are.


 Gareth Putter said that ‘Rocking For Rhinos Festival 2016 has come and gone, Every year it is an emotional rollercoaster trying to get people to believe in what we do as an Organisation let alone get people to invest in the cause, this year seemed to be a Festival built by people that truly care and that wanted to make a difference for South Africas Rhinos’.

Gareth continued further by saying that ‘Although our Festival didn’t see the number of attendees we had hoped for, arund 1000 in total including crew members, service providers and Swadini staff, we all believe it was a great success. The Festival itself has jumped up a level in terms of venue location which we are sure everyone would agree to’. ‘Swadini A Forever Resort came on board and assisted us in putting together a great event, with great infrastructure, accommodation, service and a beautiful venue. We have already had discussions with the Forever Resorts Marketing manager as well as Swadini management and they are very keen to do another event next year and help push the event to even greater heights

.So to the Swadini a Forever Resort team, Nols, Heidi, Alida, Edna and Rinus we would like to say thank you from the entire Rocking For Rhinos crew, you helped make this years’ Event possible by sponsoring the Venue as well as sponsoring much needed accommodation for bands and crew members and for this we are truly grateful, We would like to thank all the brave, faithful and slightly crazy individuals that helped pull it all together this year, Please take the time to read through until the end to see how many special individuals it takes to pull off the Festival each year’ Gareth concluded.








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